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Hosted by Fyodor, Square Waves features an eclectic mixture of musics showcasing various experimental and leftfield styles, including the best of Irish talent. 

Full tracklisting and info on individual shows is available here.


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Soundcloud Set

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SSTN livesets/mixes by SSTN

Video people

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Below are the people who have contributed live visuals at Second Square To None events:

Amanda Feery

Aoife de Burca


Cárthach Ó Nuanáin

Likes bright lights.

Fran Hartnett

Some Pig
Runs Big Time in the Bernard Shaw and sings in Attention Bebe.

Is currently making visuals with zombies.

Michael Higgins
Video editor working in post-production.

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Music people

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Long-time Alphabet Set cohort Bluefood makes fun music - music that will put a smile on your face. Check out "Live at the Button Factory" on his Soundcloud page in the link above and you'll see what I mean! Paul likes to keep organic or live elements in his music, not being a fan of tight machine music - perhaps this is why his music has a distinctly human element.

Boys of Summer
Boys of Summer feature A.Fogarty (Toymonger/Weil Rats), I.Pawle (Sea Dog/Scented Candle) & PG Symth (Jimmy Cake).


makes warm electronic music on his laptop
likes: melodic electronics, fizzy sweets, blue drinks
dislikes: beard circles, waiting for the bus, running out of disk space
interesting fact: cignol is a government mole (dont tell anyone)

First influenced by music at an early age. Used to fabricate home-made radio shows, splicing and resampling snippets off LW radio shows and talking over the recordings. Moved on to two junk-shop HI-FI decks when he was 13, in his bedroom with doubles of records and some piss-poor scratching techniques trying his hand at being a 'superstar' DJ. Soon got sick of that, unlike some people, and have been making his own brand of music since...

Ebauche (aka Alex Leonard) currently resides in Longford and has been producing music since 2001. Musically his output ranges from dark, beat-driven electronic music, to sublime ambient cascades, to simple piano compositions. In 2005 Ebauche released his debut album 'Incomplete Watch Movement' on the Alphabet Set, available for free download at Other releases include 2 EP's, as well as a number of tracks on compilation releases from Invisible Agent, The Alphabet Set and Elusive Recordings.

Ed Devane
Ed Devane has been: locking-himself-away-from-society-in-various-rooms-full-of-recording- equipment in a: single-minded-pursuit to make: the-sort-of-music-he-would-like-to hear-but-often-doesn't since: age-15.
For Second Square to None Ed concentrates on mostly beatless, abstract and improvised music rather than the heavy dancefloor noise he is known for mostly. More of his zither experiments can be heard under the alias Withering Zithering here.

Makes music influenced by all sorts of things. Likes the design & internet things also.

Fran Hartnett
Techno DJ, producer, and visual artist.

Friction = Fire
Colm's music can be described as the sounds of an insomniac dreamer. Having mostly made tunes in bed at 4am with a powerbook, big headphones and a warm lap, he hopes his tunes convey this.

Formed this year out of the ashes of a group called John Mary Trilogy, FYED are Ed Devane and Fionn Wallace, A.K.A. Fyodor. Normally they make improvised sound / noisescapes using a wide variety of unusual techniques, and for DEAF this year they will be applying these techniques to the Ten Second Rule material. How this will end up sounding really depends on what happens on the day, as no two FYED jams can ever sound the same!

Formerly the beats section of the now defunct John Mary Trilogy. Now trying to find his way around music composition, with a bent towards melodic quasi-noise, music concrete and turntable manipulation. Improvisation is central to his sound, he enjoys the immediacy of this approach and the heightened sense of each time he plays being a learning experience.


Gland and Conduit

Gland and Conduit are a duo consisting of Herv and Mel. Herv is a well known breakcore producer with shitloads of releases on a variety of labels around the world. The duo have only recently formed and make noisy music! Fragments of rhythm can be found lurking in the shadows of the grainy noise and found sounds.

Formerly known as Fringe Holly McGowan is no stranger to Second Square to None, having been at most if not all of our events, and contributing to the Ten Second Rule. So it's about time we booked her to play! ILEX makes Sunday afternoon music - rhythms to excuse your shaking hands and feet, warm woolly tones to soothe your brain and melodies to soundtrack your movement through time. Word on the street is Holly is nearly finished her debut album, so expect to hear fresh material! To get in the mood have a listen to this net release on Alphabet Set.

Jimmy the Hideous Penguin

Jimmy the Hideous Henguin or Jimmy Penguin is a Galway base turntable musician who believes in the free distribution of digital media. Most of his music can be downloaded for free on myspace or jamendo.
He is involved in 'Community Scratch', a collective of dj's who aim to promote turntable music and the people involved.

Dublin based producer tinkering in the cracks in the pavement between genres like techno, jungle and dubstep, delivering slabs of heavy bass and big chops with a sprinkling of donk and an appropriate amount of wonk served fresh....

Keith Lindsay
Keith Lindsay is a sound recordist / designer / soundtracker by day and producer of a range of styles from jungle to ambient by night. He'll be presenting an improvised laptop set based upon recorded and designed sounds used in various film sound projects he has worked on over the last year.

Laura Sheeran
Laura makes aptly loopy music with her voice and assorted instruments.

The latest Irish act to get signed to The Best Electronica Label In The World, Planet-Mu, Legion of Two consist of 2 veterans of the Irish underground, Alan O'Boyle and David Lacey. Alan is best known for his work as Decal, with releases on Planet Mu and Rotters Golf Club among others, and David has played in scores of bands and is active on the improv scene in Dublin for many years. Based on that description you might expect Legion of Two to be some sort of electro jazz crossover, but this is not the case. Slow, heavy synth bass riffs collide with stoner metal drums while scorched dronetones interweave above. Epic stuff! Their album Riffs is available now from any record shop worth its salt.

Magnetize makes noize, sometimes it has beats, sometimes not.


Mully is a veteran of the Irish drum 'n' bass / jungle scene and a collector of musics old and new.

Neil Donovan
Another Lazybird promoter with access to the kinds of weird and wonderful musics we like to have playing at our gigs. Alongside Paul Watts he co-hosts the Radio-Inactivity show on

Dublin/Berlin-based artist working mainly with electronics. Performed DJ sets and original live sets with homemade electronics alongside Sunken Foal, Creator, Herv, T-woc, Sarsparilla, Cignol, The Last Sound and has had performances at the Project Arts Centre, UCC, NUIM, Mantua Festival, Life Festival and various other venues around Ireland, Berlin and Paris.

Noid the Droid


Paul Watts
One of the Lazybird label / event organisers, Paul Watts has a mind-boggling knowledge and collection of all types of music which he will be playing in the front bar of Twisted Pepper. Involved in running the legendary weekly Lazybird gigs for several years in the International Bar, and subsequently one-off gigs in Anseo and Twisted Pepper, Paul helped bring many underground / experimental acts to Dublin. Alongside fellow Lazybird organiser Neil Donovan he hosts a weekly radio show on Power FM called Radio-Inactivity (Sundays from 1-3pm on

Prozac, AKA Riccardo Veglianti, is a man who consumes music of all types and in all formats, but who especially favours minimal and dub techno (the good type of Minimal! Not that derivative SHIT that we love to hate!) on vinyl. Ric has played on occasion for the Stasis Collective and Electic City, but not nearly enough for our liking - great DJ!

Pushmoveclick is live anolog modular group. We use 3 anolog modular synths, MPC's, home made noises boxes, fx pedals, home made touch screen drum machines and sequencers.

Ramshackle Rat Liver
Rumour has it Ramshackle Rat Liver is an alias of Prince Kong''s what he says:

From the dribbled minds of monkeys with delusions of grandeur spews Ramshackle Rat Liver. Raised in Austria, educated in Neverland, Liver seems to be enjoying new found freedom oozing out random noises built up by years kein ohr sache, smeared with a touch of ALS living. A Family project originally, now all but abandoned and cold can it survive feeding on a diet of sine and square?
Mutated genes of the world unite in support of your new found bacterial sloth!!

Helps run the !Kaboogie collective here in Dublin, putting on some of the mentalist parties for the last three years, and currently has a residency in Twisted Pepper, as well as a free fortnightly !K Club (recently moved to downstairs in Thomas House, Thomas St., running
20.30 till 00.00 every second Thursday). He also does a weekly radio show with Richie !K on Radió Na Life 106.4FM and runs !Kaboogie Records.

Niamh de Barra
Niamh (formerly Scurvy Lass) is a classically trained pianist and vocalist from Dublin. Taking up cello in 2003 Niamh played in the improv group John Mary Trilogy for several years before going solo. It was following the dissolution of that band in 2008 that Niamh really came into her own as a songwriter, quickly learning the necessary recording and production techniques to arrive at a distinctive style: a combination of looped vocal lines, effected cello and sharp wit.

Shane McKenna
Shane Mc Kenna is a music teacher and music maker based in Dublin who has been dabbling in animated graphic notation over the last few years, in a quest to create musical collaborations for all. His work has ranged from live performances to workshops and installations, working with a wide range of performers and musicians from electronic artists and random punters in the Bernard Shaw to the ICC ensemble and the National Youth Orchestra of Ireland.

Sunken Foal
Beautifully organic and intricate electronics presented in a remarkably live fashion - main man Dunk Murphy tweaks his synths and mysterious looking Logic Pro environment set up while opposite Rod Morris taps in the beats and samples on a keyboard. Sunken Foal are one of a small handful of Irish acts who have reached the peak of electronica cool by getting an album released on the Planet-Mu label, "Fallen Arches".

Swarm Intelligence
Currently based in Berlin working as a music software developer Simon has been active on the music scene for a few years now, formerly running gigs with Stasis, and currently overseeing the development of a net label of the same name. As a DJ and producer Simon favours the complex end of IDM and broken techno.

Thalamus A.K.A. John Mahon was one of the founders of Alphabet Set, the electronic collective and label partly responsible for the current good health of the Irish electronic music scene.

thatboytim is one of the founding members of Belfast (and now Dublin)-based Takeover Records, and can be found spinning tunes every Thursday in Hogan's on George's Street.

T-Woc has been building dubby beats for over ten years now, with a slew of releases under his belt for the Alphabet Set (which he co-operates), Net-lab/Wrong music, All City and 3style records. t-woc uses a combination of modern digital production, vintage analogue outboard gear and live dub mixing techniques to bring his tracks to life. He also is a regular selector with the Irish roots reggae crew, Rootical Soundsystem, co-runs Dublin's dubstep monthly club 'Wobble', DJs with the Irish B-Music branch and also hosts a weekly radio show on Dublin's Irish language station Radio na Life 106.4fm.


(Another alias, this time from "nu-school techno" producer Rory St. John in dub mode)
Uninerves is a new producer exploring the deeper side of electronic music. As a strict rule of thumb, Uninerves insists on using only hardware, software, recording equipment, electronics and acoustics to create sounds. A forthcoming debut on Mantrap's 'Trapdoor Materials' series is soon to be released, and remixes available from digital download stores.

Ventolyn & Becotyde
V& B has apparently only been producing for 2 years which is sickening to those of us at it for several years. His album "Audissect" (available for free here) showcases the ease at which he has mastered the electronica sound.

Vince Mack Mahon
-are Tweek, Mikey Fingers, Deviant and Jimmy Penguin as well as Sebi C, Muipead, Rocky Meaney and Tony Higgins sometimes.
-perform original music using turntables.
-are the founders of COMMUNITY SKRATCH GAMES.
-are not in any way affiliated with Hulk Hogan, the Iron Sheikh or Bret "The Hitman" Hart.
-live by the beach.
-eat fish, tossed salads and make skratch ballads.
-are better than your favourite DJ.
-will play 2 sets: one using specially-cut vinyl dubplates of the Ten Second Rule tracks and another ambient / noise set prepared for Second Square to None.

Note: Where we didn't get bio/links directly from artists we may have used some snippets from or wherever. If you want us to change or update anything then email us