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Thursday, October 29, 2009 , 0 comments

We'll have a more extensive post about our own gig shortly - last Sunday in Filmbase was great, video and audio coming soon. For now we just want to mention a couple of gigs happening this weekend that might be of interest to those of you who don't know about them already.


Kaboogie's fortnightly and free night in Thomas House, the K-Club, will feature Scurvy Lass, ForceFed and the first show for a while from Lakker. That's from 8-11.30PM.

After that down the road in the Sycamore Club Alphabet Set will be hosting another quality line-up including Sunken Foal, Sarsparilla, Cignol, Jimmy Penguin and Ventolyn & Becotyde, Love Rhino, Laura Sheeran and Solen. A very reasonable €6 before 12, €8 after.

Alternatively, if you're in the mood for more dancefloor oriented music, Takeover Recordings, Nice & Nasty and Static Recordings will be taking over Pygmalion on South William Street from 6-2.30PM with a big line up of electro and techno acts on the 3 label's rosters. More info can be found here.


It's got to be !kaboogie again on Friday with London bass wizard ScanOne in Twisted Pepper, with support from one half of Lakker Eomac and a liveset from 16 Hertz & Johnny Oakley.


A4 Sounds take over the Back Loft gallery for the afternoon with an installation / gig / social experiment involving wind-up sculptures, live audience participation painting and sets from Gland & Conduit, Scurvy Lass, Junior 85 and a rare performance by Boondoggle/Bluebottle Farm and Vanessa Parody. A4 gigs are always memorable (and usually messy), and we're guessing major fun and surreality will be the order of the day Sunday. The perfect way to end the Hallowe'en / DEAF era and await the Christmas marketing fever that will follow...

Some tunes that were bouncing around in the run up to Sunday's gig. Melesta brings some heavy dubstep flavours by the likes of Akira Kiteshi and Joker, and Euphiophone drops some krautrock selections featuring Can, Harmonia and Faust amongst others.


Recovering from big day at DEAF yesterday. Thanks a million to all who came down. More extensive post devoted to the day to follow, in the meantime let this liveset from Keith Lindsay soothe your sore head.

Keith presented an improvised laptop set based upon recorded and designed sounds used in various film sound projects he has worked on over the last year. Absorbing and atmospheric ambient sounds.

Keith Lindsay:
Keith Lindsay is a sound recordist / designer / soundtracker by day and producer of a range of styles from jungle to ambient by night.

Art by Chris.

Animated Graphic Notation - Live Set from Shane Mc Kenna on Vimeo.

Shane created a beautiful audio-visual set for SSTN by composing a graphic score, recording a variety of takes with an orchestra playing along to it and then editing the results into a wonderfully cohesive and rich tapestry of sounds unlike anything you'd usually hear. Mesmerizing stuff.

Shane McKenna
Shane Mc Kenna is a music teacher and music maker based in Dublin who has been dabbling in animated graphic notation over the last few years, in a quest to create musical collaborations for all. His work has ranged from live performances to workshops and installations, working with a wide range of performers and musicians from electronic artists and random punters in the Bernard Shaw to the ICC ensemble and the National Youth Orchestra of Ireland.

Check out Shane's Vimeo Channel, which features further examples of his graphic score work.

Here it is, finally... enjoy the 52 Ten Second Rule entries joined together in one audio file on soundcloud!

For those of you who have no idea what a Ten Second Rule is, read on...

  1. By imposing arbitrary limitations (ten second track length) on a group of individual music makers, we hoped to compile a group of tracks that were unmistakably part of a larger project, yet showcase the unique styles / approaches of the artists involved.
  2. A time limit of ten seconds was chosen both as a challenge to the artists and as an ironic nod to the perception that attention spans grow shorter the faster internet connections become.
  3. Most categories of sound can be found in the collection - percussive, melodic, harmonious, noises, different frequency ranges etc. Thought of as ingredients for a larger composition/ compositions, these could be recombined, processed, edited in any number of different ways.
  4. With this in mind we have asked a number of artists who will be playing at our gig on 25-10-09 to use the material in whatever way they see fit as the basis for their live performances. For more information check HERE.
Update: To hear how the artists used the material at the DEAF performance, check out the sets by Dubreak, Fyodor, PushMoveClick & VinceMackMahon.
Bluefood - Live at SSTN4 by SSTN

Long-time Alphabet Set cohort Bluefood gave us a hugely fun, upbeat live performance that had everyone in a great Sunday afternoon mood. The music rampages along with melodic synths, bouncing beats and disjointed samples mashed into one big aural pick-me-up that got faces grinning and feet tapping.

Art by Chris.
Listen to part 1

Listen to part 2

FYED are an improvised noisesound duo consisting of Fionn Wallace A.K.A. Fyodor and Ed Devane, A.K.A. Withering Zithering. They make evolving soundscapes using a variety of analog and digital bits and bobs, home-made instruments and the Zen concept of Feedback. This recording demonstrates the more subtle, minimal side of the FYED sound, which has been known to veer towards the whiter end of noise...

You can hear more examples of FYED's work on their SoundCloud page:

Artwork: Ed Devane