Second Square To None

Second Square to None First Post!!!

Thursday, February 05, 2009 1 comments

Welcome to the online home of Second Square to None, a regular ambient / electronic / downbeat / drone / experimental audio-visual event held in the various venues around Dublin, Ireland.

In conjunction with the gigs we're running a mini CD-R label. Where permission is given we record all the live sets, make 20 copies of each with cover art created by local artists, and sell them at our shows.

We'll upload the mixes and artwork for free this blog will grow with time to be a snapshot of the diverse selection of music, art and visuals in Ireland at the moment...

This blog won't be solely dedicated to this task however: information about the musicians and visual artists involved with the shows and links to their sites will be up here in the next few days, and if it isn't then I'm lying but there'll be very little you'll be able to do about it.