Second Square To None

Sunil Sharpe - No Beatmatching mix for SSTN by SSTN

Tasty mix here from Dublin DJ legend Sunil Sharpe, specially selecting tunes for a diverse mix full of rarely heard gems.


Raymond Scott – Memories
Silver Apples - Lovefingers
The Master Musicians of Joujouka – A Wedding In Joujouka, October 1994
Devo – Shrivel Up
Wire – French Film Blurred
The Fall – Riddler!
Captain Beefheart – Trust Us (Take 9)
Tom Waits – Top Of The Hill
Dillinger – Cane River Rock
Konono No.1 - Kulekule
Fourtet - Clouding
Arovane – Ten Hours
Clownface – Nowhere To Run
Neu! - Negativland
Alec Empire – I Can Hear The Winds Of Saturn
Arpanet - Heisenberg Compensation
The Sabres Of Paradise – Flight Path Estate
Einsturzende Neubauten – Vanadium-I-Ching
Die Fantischen Vier – Krieger [Aphex Twin remix]
This Heat – 24 Track


White Noise
Freddie Fresh
Roger Doyle

Artwork by Chris Flynn.

Flyer for SSTN6

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 , 0 comments

Flyer by Melissa.

An amazing set that unfolds & develops from beautifully eerie tones to industrially textured noisescapes to pulsing chaotic conclusion. This performance truly wrecked the system at the Joy Gallery last February & the crowd present were lovin it, check it out.

Magnetize makes noize, sometimes it has beats, sometimes not.

Melissa Conlon
Melissa is graphic designer from Dublin. She used a combination of custom made vector graphics & scanned textures to create the artwork for this release.


We are moving

Monday, August 17, 2009 0 comments

We're currently in the process of uploading all our music to Soundcloud as our FTP host has proved very unreliable, Soundcloud offers a (hopefully) hassle free audio-centric alternative so we're going with that.

When all the mixes have been uploaded we will update all old blogposts accordingly.
All photographs courtesy of Melissa. Check out her blog for more photos.

MP3s temporarily offline

Monday, August 10, 2009 0 comments

Just a quick note about the lack of music on this music blog: to our extreme annoyance today we find that for the second time, and with no reasonable explanation, all the mp3s on this blog and have been erased.

We've been in touch with the hosting company and await their speedy and helpful response (they were so helpful the last time that it only took us about 3 weeks to upload everything again from scratch as Second Square to None HQ/ 1mb/sec land).

Hopefully this information can be retrieved from the hosting company's side!

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this...


SSTN 5 is gonna be awesome

Wednesday, August 05, 2009 0 comments

Flyer by Chris.
Line-up details here.