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Wednesday, June 30, 2010 , 0 comments

!Kaboogie promises to be full-on deadliness:
Next !K Club - 8th July with Prince Kong, Richie !K, Rory St John, Drokkr & more.

Full details here.

Shoulda mentioned this sooner, we're all going, should be good!

New mix by Swarm Intelligence, this is always a good thing. Check out his Soundcloud for more productions and mixes and keep eyes on Stasis Records for some very exciting forthcoming releases.

Graphic score composer, experimentalist and bassist in 90's cover sensation big band Attention Bebe, Shane McKenna will be running the latest installment of his graphic musical notation experiment this Monday 21st June in the Centre for Creative Practices in Dublin.

Pulsing Colours Shapes-CRACC ensemble from Shane Mc Kenna on Vimeo.
From the CfCP website:

"An evening of collaborative music making for all, with a diverse mix of jazz, classical, electronic and noise musicians present to lead the music making. The event will use animated graphic notation to encourage this collaborative process with everyone encouraged to bring an instrument or noise-making device along and join in.
Animated graphic scores consist of moving shapes and symbols, which may be interpreted and performed as sounds. This event in the Centre for Creative Practices looks to explore the collaborative nature of graphic score performance with a large gathering of professional and amateur musicians creating a unique musical experience through interpretation, listening and performing.
Two animated graphic scores will be projected on opposite walls. An acoustic/pitched instrument ensemble will perform one score with the electronic/noise ensemble performing the other. The scores will be played five times, separately at first and gradually overlapping until they are played simultaneously the fifth time. Between each performance is an opportunity to consult with fellow performers as to how the piece should be successfully performed, building up to the final synchronized performance."
Among the performers will be Fionn Wallace, Niamh de Barra, Amanda Feery, Ed Devane, and some very capable jazz musicians.
  Phil Dunne - Airport Duck (Original) by SSTN Strings

This week's piece features guitar experimentation from Phil Dunne of Dublin instrumental band Groundburst. Check out their EP, "Everything I didn't say and all the things I wanted to", available on Bandcamp.

Tell us a little about your musical background ie influences, formative experiences, bands you play/played in.

The first music that I got absolutely obsessed about was English breakbeat hardcore and jungle in the early 90's. At the time I had a typically teenaged I dea to form a "rave band" with a schoolmate (Ian McDonnell, or Eomac of Lakker). Started playing the guitar around '95 after hearing acts like The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers etc using guitars in their electronic music and thought I would pick up my dads old acoustic and see if I could come up with anything. Once I got my own electric and discovered rock it became pretty all-consuming!

Kachanski, Ed Devane, Dubreak - Comb Over by SSTN Noise

The series returns after a short hiatus with an as yet unnamed project consisting of SSTN's Conor "Kachanski" Hinfey, Ed Devane, Dara "Dubreak" Grehan and a rotating cast of machinists including Ronan Dunne and Rory St. John. While all members have been known to make beats , the lads were in noise mode the day this was recorded.

Apologies for the interviewer and one of the interviewees being the same person but it couldn't be avoided...

What are your reasons / motives for making music, and how you arrived at this style?

Ed: Personal satisfaction mainly. Making music is like solving a big puzzle, at times frustrating but more often than not highly rewarding. I love making individual sounds as much as I do combining them into a new structure. When it goes well, playing live gigs or improvising with others is another reason for making music, and at the moment I'm favouring improvisation over computer music. I've been making drones and noise longer than I have beats, so techniques and tricks have built up over the years.

Conor and myself recently set up a studio in a building we're renting, so have been jamming with various people until stupid o'clock several nights a week. Everything is made up on the spot pretty much and the music flows from intense distorted noise grooves to the furthest reaches of mongspace. Great craic not to have to worry about how it would sound in a club, while still having sections that would get people dancing.

  Ed-devane-welfare-clinic by Ed Devane

Info from
This is my set from last week's Welfare Clinic show hosted by DJ Welfare on Radio Na Life. I used a lot of tunes from the archives, making Frankenstein-like mashes from re-purposed basslines or breaks taken from abandoned or obsolete tunes. I have a lot of live jams and unreleased tangents of tunes from over the last couple of years especially, some of which are put to use here.
This mix featured the vocal talents of (in order of appearance) Madja Ratkje (yoink), Laura SheeranNiamh de BarraSusana Peralta, Amanda Feery, and Regan Davis. Also in there are mashes of John Mary Trilogy recordings and recent jams with Kachanski and Dubreak, and remixes I've done in the last few weeks of AnodyneT-Polar and Swarm Intelligence, and some new tunes coming up for release on Takeover Recordings and !kaboogie, and maybe SSTN. Hope ye like, as ever I am available to play gigs so get in touch if you want to book me.
Full tracklist here.
  Richter Collective - Label Sampler by richtercollective

Selection of Irish bands from the Richter Collective label. They've been doing a great job getting attention to some bands who actually deserve it.
Ed Devane - Clear by SSTN Strings

This week: Withering Zithering AKA Ed Devane in homemade-zither-and-effects mode.

Tell us a little about your musical background ie influences, formative experiences, bands you play/played in.

I started playing guitar age 14, and from listening to bands like Sonic Youth quickly started experimenting with feedback and non-standard ways of making sounds with amplified strings. I played in a couple of bedroom bands as a teen but lost interest in guitar music on hearing some now "classic" mid-to-late 90's electronica. A couple of years later I went back to the guitar, modifying it by taking out the frets, cutting off bits of the body that got in the way of the knife sharpener (which I used to play the strings, and which has the effect of slide and bow), adding more pickups etc. Eventually as I began playing in John Mary Trilogy around 2003 I started thinking about building my own instrument, which I eventually did a couple of years ago.

This mix has been getting a great reception on Soundcloud and Twitter for the last month since Ciaran first uploaded it. A finely crafted mixture of ambient, drone and synth textures from some of the most interesting Irish artists operating today. 

Find Ciaran on Soundcloud and Twitter.
One of the best free releases you'll hear all year:
!Kaboogie is chuffed to present the 3rd !K sampler compilation thingy, showcasing the baddest in Irish bass heft and electronica bizzness. 11 tracks in total, including exclusive bangers from Prince Kong feat Lady Grew, Euphiophone, Manus Goan, Eomac, Bluefood, 2BiT and A-Force, alongside some supa new !K talent including the junglist leanings of the man like Welfare, and the crisp electro-crunch of mistah Shane O'Donovan.
Get it now.

Over - As soon as you get out, just keep running by SSTN Noise

Starting as solo project and briefly a four piece, Over is currently made up of founder Jamie Grimes, who also makes dark forms of hardcore metal and ambient in Drainland and Cavemouth. Previous members of Over included Luxury Mollusc, Brian Conniffe, Vicky Langan and Al Doyle.