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Spoom Collective exhibition

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Most of us here at SSTN made it to the Spoom Collective exhibition opening on 19th September. Much madness and debauchery occurred in the midst of some really amazing site specific graphic art. Now you get to see the art in a more civilised manner (ie 'BYOBiscuits' rather then beer). Really recommend checking it out, very exciting work.

The exhibition is running all this week from 5pm - 7pm and over the weekend.
The Broken Window Theory
The Annex
No 17 Foley St,
Dublin 1

Check out for more examples of the Spoom Collective's work. The images here are taken from this set and don't feature at this actual exhibition but give you an idea of what to expect.

Check these lads for further details:
Killian Redmond (

Kev Largey (

Marian Noone (

SSTN at DEAF - Line-up/details

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SSTN at DEAF will feature live performances from some of the best Irish electronic music producers/performers. It will include special performances from a number of artists as part of the Ten Second Rule project as well as visuals from Kachanski, Evstyle & Shane McKenna.

Ten Second Rule

The Ten Second Rule project is an experiment in community participation, attention span and digital media recycling. Music makers have been asked to submit 10 second long audio compositions in whatever style they wish. On the microscopic scale these pieces showcase a broad range of individual talents and approaches to the use of such a short duration; on the macroscopic scale they can be seen as elements/ loops/ source material for use in larger compositions and improvisations. In this context a ten second track could become the basis of entire 20-30 minute set. To demonstrate this we've asked 5 artists / groups to re-interpret the submissions in whatever way suits them for our DEAF event: turntables, modular synthesizers, granular synthesis and all types of processes will be used to embellish / mangle / recycle the community's audio.

Vince Mack Mahon

-are Tweek, Mikey Fingers, Deviant and Jimmy Penguin as well as Sebi C, Muipead, Rocky Meaney and Tony Higgins sometimes.
-perform original music using turntables.
-are the founders of COMMUNITY SKRATCH GAMES.
-are not in any way affiliated with Hulk Hogan, the Iron Sheikh or Bret "The Hitman" Hart.
-live by the beach.
-eat fish, tossed salads and make skratch ballads.
-are better than your favourite DJ.
-will play 2 sets: one using specially-cut vinyl dubplates of the Ten Second Rule tracks and another ambient / noise set prepared for Second Square to None.

Euphiophone + Melesta

Euphiophone is an electronica artist based in Dublin. He played in a couple of bands in his native Monaghan that set the standards for late-nineties-rock-cover-bands-
based-in-Monaghan before becoming a bedroom producer. His music is a dynamic hybrid of styles and sounds, with industrial beats and warm synth melodies combining with processed live guitar and laptop electronics. He has done a select couple of gigs about town, including supporting Black Dog. He is involved with the organization of the Second Square To None group.

For his live performance at DEAF he is in collaborating with Melissa Conlon (a.k.a. Melesta), a graphic designer based in Dublin.


PushMoveClick is live analog modular group. We use 3 analog modular synths, MPC's, home made noises boxes, synths, effects pedals, home-made touchscreen drum machine and sequencers. We start each track fresh with no set structure so anything could happen. This year at DEAF one part of our show will be based on creating a piece using random pieces of audio which were submitted to Second Square to None for their Ten Second Rule project. All the audio will be processed through the modular synths and various machines. The rest of our show will then be total improvisation with no set rules or boundaries. We will also have CCTV cameras on stage directed at various machines, then the video from those will be processed live.

Ev Tiernan is a Dublin artist who specialises in painting and video. She has collaborated many times with musicians and once again is joining PushMoveClick, this time to create an installation in which PushMoveClick will perform live.


Formed this year out of the ashes of a group called John Mary Trilogy, FYED are Ed Devane and Fionn Wallace, A.K.A. Fyodor. Normally they make improvised sound / noisescapes using a wide variety of unusual techniques, and for DEAF this year they will be applying these techniques to the Ten Second Rule material. How this will end up sounding really depends on what happens on the day, as no two FYED jams can ever sound the same!
FYED on SoundCloud

Brown Cloud

Brown Cloud are Rory St. John and Conor Hinfey a.k.a. Kachanski. Anybody following techno in Dublin over the last few years will have inevitably come across the work of Rory St John. Through his devastatingly sweaty hardware workouts and monstrously deep releases on Sunil Sharpe's Mantrap imprint Rory has proved himself to be one of the most exciting talents in Dublin's electronic music scene. For this show he will be collaborating with Kachanski. Falling between the cracks in the pavement of electronic music Kachanski's sound jumps all around techno, electro, jungle, dubstep and electronica with heavy dashings of bass oozing out the side of his mash-up sandwich. With his first appearance on vinyl imminent on Mantrap Records "Trapdoor Material Part 2" and returning from his first gig over the pond for Ebola's Wrong Music in Bristol things are shaping up well.

For this event both are stepping outside their typical hardware setups to create an integrated audio/visual/stage lighting control software with which to pull apart the 10 second submissions in real time, generating an audio-visual malaise directly reflecting the source material and processes used.


First influenced by music at an early age. Dubreak and his older bro used to fabricate their own type of home-made radio shows when they were wee nippers, splicing and resampling snippets off LW radio shows and talking over the recordings. He moved on to two junk-shop HI-FI decks when he was 13, in his bedroom with doubles of records and some piss-poor scratching techniques trying his hand at being a 'superstar' DJ. He soon got sick of that, and has been making his own brand of music since. Currently he uses a Moog Voyager, ProTools and a rampant collection of other music stuff. Occasionally he gets to gig at a few festivals around Ireland, and works at a few 'live-sound' venues around Dublin as a 'Live Sound' Engineer. Dubreak will be using Ableton Live's advanced looping to mix and mash the Ten Second Rule into his own style.

Monday 12: Boys of Summer

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A slow-burning synth drone set facilitated by a hoard of hardware spread over the floor of Twisted Pepper. Accompanied by demented visuals of occult ceremonies this set was a sonic assault of epic proportions that erased any sense of a Sunday afternoon and took all present on a dark journey through a blasted soundscape.

Boys of Summer
Boys of Summer feature A.Fogarty (Toymonger/Weil Rats), I.Pawle (Sea Dog/Scented Candle) & PG Symth (Jimmy Cake).

Art by Barry.

SSTN at DEAF poster

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Poster design by Chris, featuring drawing by Barry.

Monday 11: Uninerves

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UniNerves @ sstn 5 09-08-09 by SSTN

A meticulously crafted liveset from Uninerves that showcases his second-to-none production talents. Operating in the electronic twilight of industrial textures, glitch-y nuance and dubbed out beats this is a set equally at home on headphones as it is booming out of a club rig. You heard him here first.

Uninerves (aka Rory St. John)
Uninerves is a producer exploring the deeper side of electronic music. As a strict rule of thumb, Uninerves insists on using only hardware, software, recording equipment, electronics and acoustics to create sounds. A forthcoming debut on Mantrap's 'Trapdoor Materials' series is soon to be released, and remixes available from digital download stores.

Artwork is by Barry Quinn. Barry Quinn is a self-taught artist who paints, draws, sketches, scratches people (almost people) on canvas, paper, wood (example on the right). He has illustrated album/E.P./single covers for bands and has exhibited around the country.

Scurvy Lass brought a truly individual approach to her SSTN liveset, creating complex looping structures using live cello & vocal in tandem with midi footpedals and laptop electronics. Carefully sculpted textures weave together to underscore her songs, creating emotive music that is dense with musicality.

Scurvy Lass
Scurvy Lass is Dublin-based cellist and vocalist Niamh de Barra. She started life as a classical pianist, but now records and layers cello and vocal samples to make noisy electronic songs with words and (some) beats.

Artwork by Melissa Conlon.
We at Second Square to None HQ are fascinated by synchronised synaesthetic audio visuals, visual music, and music that suggests visual imagery. The live acts we have booked for 13th September have all worked extensively with either visual music or film soundtracking, so we're looking forward to seeing and hearing what they are going to play.

Ebauche (aka Alex Leonard) currently resides in Longford and has been producing music since 2001. Musically his output ranges from dark, beat-driven electronic music, to sublime ambient cascades, to simple piano compositions.

In 2005 Ebauche released his debut album on the Alphabet Set which is available for free download at The album, Incomplete Watch Movement, which has been played by John Kelly on RTE Radio 1's Mystery Train, is an ambient work with layers of sound beautifully interweaving and falling apart. Other releases include 2 EP's, as well as a number of tracks on compilation releases from Invisible Agent, The Alphabet Set and Elusive Recordings.

Recently he has started composing music for film, and has worked on a number of shorts including:

* Two Point Five Billion (premiered at Cork Film Festival 2008),
* The Masterpiece,
* The Boy with the Ever Open Jaw,
* Joyriders (Best Short Film at the Galway Film Fesitval 2006),
* The Dropping Well.

He started out playing live sets with Blue Murder Music in Dublin, and since then has played with notables such as Biosphere, Hrvatski and Ambulance.

Dublin/Berlin-based artist working mainly with electronics. Performed DJ sets and original live sets with homemade electronics alongside Sunken Foal, Creator, Herv, T-woc, Sarsparilla, Cignol, The Last Sound and has had performances at the Project Arts Centre, UCC, NUIM, Mantua Festival, Life Festival and various other venues around Ireland, Berlin and Paris.

"This being my first SSTN gig I'm happy to announce that, in addition to a live set with my homemade devices, it will also be a preview of some new material from my forthcoming release Silicon Poplars due in November on The Centrifuge. The homemade device that I usually play live with consists of a box with a webcam mounted inside which tracks the movement of various objects on a glass surface-top. The device is interesting for me with repeated performances because improvising is the only option, I always forget what the control objects do which makes each performance completely fresh and full of unintentional mistakes which I love having in my music. It was also accidentally destroyed after a gig in Dublin and has been rebuilt, making it the "Mark II"."

Shane McKenna:
Shane Mc Kenna is a music teacher and music maker based in Dublin who has been dabbling in animated graphic notation over the last few years, in a quest to create musical collaborations for all. His work has ranged from live performances to workshops and installations, working with a wide range of performers and musicians from electronic artists and random punters in the Bernard Shaw to the ICC ensemble and the National Youth Orchestra of Ireland.

Keith Lindsay:
Keith Lindsay is a sound recordist / designer / soundtracker by day and producer of a range of styles from jungle to ambient by night. He'll be presenting an improvised laptop set based upon recorded and designed sounds used in various film sound projects he has worked on over the last year.

In the front bar we'll have the following DJ's:

Noid the Droid, playing a selection of electronic cuts and weirdness from his vast collection of weird electronic music!

Fyodor, playing abstract / esoteric musics from the fringes of the outer rim, with an interesting approach to turntable use.

Steve Cross, playing a selection of ambient / electronica from the heyday, with the possibility of some electro flavours creeping in here and there...

The gig is free in, and on during a more compact time frame, 4-9pm, as we realise that most people enjoy not being awake / doing anything too early on Sunday...