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It's Monday morning, I am in work tired & slightly hungover with 'What is love?' (yes, the cheesey dance tune) playing on loop in my head. Had a great time at SSTN_4 yesterday. Will do up a more detailed post about the event in the next few days but for now we'll just say thanks a million to all all the acts, ye were incredible, and thanks to everyone who came along on the day.

Anyway, to relieve this Post-SSTN Monday morning malaise we bring the latest installment in the Second Square To None Monday liveset series

This week we have a liveset by Euphiophone from the second Second Square To None that took place on 8 February in the Joy Gallery. This set features lots of fuzzed-out percussion, live bass guitar, subtle harmonies, industrial textures & delicate instrumentation. Chris Flynn & Melissa Conlon collaborated on the artwork, shown below.

Euphiophone is an electronica artist based in Dublin. He played in a couple of bands in his native Monaghan that set the standards for late-ninties-rock-cover-bands-based-in-Monaghan before becoming a bedroom producer and, consequently, a musical recluse. His music traverses a broad spectrum of influences, with anything from techno to folk to contemporary classical to post-rock to electronica etc etc being featured. He likes trying to reconcile diametrically opposed musical forms within his tunes. He has done a select couple of gigs about town, supporting Black Dog and playing at various Stasis and Second Square To None events. He also does live visuals but thinks that they are often more trouble then they're worth. He enjoys his 9-5 doing design work, and collaborated with Melissa Conlon for the sleeve design of his Second Square To None liveset.

Melissa Conlon
Melissa is a graphic designer based in Dublin. When she's not peddling religious goods she likes design, photography, music and sleeping. She designed the recent SSTN_4 flyer and is currently working on graphics for Magnetize's liveset, to be released in the coming weeks.


SSTN_4: Flyer

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Flyer design by Melissa.

Art for Sunday

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Confirmed to do live art on the Sunday are Barry Quinn and Joey Walker.

Barry Quinn is a self-taught artist who paints, draws, sketches, scratches people (almost people) on canvas, paper, wood (example on the right). He has illustrated album/E.P./single covers for bands and has exhibited around the country. He will be creating a large-scale painting on the day.

Joey Walker is an artist from Dallas now based in Dublin who leads graffiti workshops in the city. He will be doing some graffiti pieces on the day.

This Monday's liveset features warm electronica courtesy of Cignol, live from the Joy Gallery, November 2008. Reminescent of Boards of Canada and Arovane this set contains lots of lush synthery, loping rhythms and acoustic instrument manipulations. Laura de Burca provides the artwork, shown below.

makes warm electronic music on his laptop
likes: melodic electronics, fizzy sweets, blue drinks
dislikes: beard circles, waiting for the bus, running out of disk space
interesting fact: cignol is a government mole (dont tell anyone)

Laura de Burca
Laura lives and works in Dublin and is saving to buy an island. For Cignol's Second Square CD Laura laid the 20 cardboard sleeves out in a 4x5 matrix and used a combination of spray paints, acrylics, stencils and photos glued to the surface.


Visuals for SSTN_4

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Huzzah, confirmed to do visuals on Sunday are:
Eoghan Kidney
Kachanski & iheartbellies
Michael Higgins & Fergal Cunningham

Below are two preliminary screen-grabs of some stuff Euphioprojector has in the works for next Sunday's gig.

Euphiophone has made a new mix up for free download here.

This is a mellow mix, the likes of which one might play on a hungover Sunday afternoon or late at night. It features songs interspersed with instrumentals (lots of mallet and melodic percussion stuff). There is acoustic material from the likes of Nick Drake and Elliott Smith, minimalism from Steve Reich and Philip Glass, bands such as Sonic Youth and Xiu Xiu, and instrumental stuff by everyone from Clark and Machinefabriek to Moondog and Max Roach.

Wrap this mix around you like a blanket and go back to bed, there's no school today.

Tonntracha artwork by redmonk

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Redmonk sent us this yesterday, a picture made especially to complement his Tonntracha mix
posted here a couple of weeks ago. He used a piece of square cardboard that was originally packaging for vinyl sent in the post as his canvas, and ink, markers and teabags (both metaphorically, literally, and laterally)(actually just how the teabags were used this writer does not know, but to good effect).

The inaugural Second Square to None event was held in the Joy Gallery, 2 Rutland Place, Dublin 1, on a freezing cold Sunday at the end of November 2008. Despite the frosty conditions it was an all round quality line up of music and visuals. In the second of our Monday downloads we present Dubreak's set, with photography by Aoife de Burca. Biogs and links below.

(on myspace):
First influenced by music at an early age, Dara and his older brother used to fabricate their own type of home-made radio shows when they were wee nippers, splicing and resampling snippets off LW radio shows and talking over the recordings. Dara moved on to using two junk-shop HI-FI decks when he was 13, in his bedroom using doubles of records and some piss-poor scratching techniques trying his hand at being a 'superstar' DJ. He soon got sick of that, unlike some people, and has been making his own brand of music since.... He first programmed sequences on an Amstrad CPC464 with a funky 80's 'lightpen', then a Yamaha CX5M music computer (that plugged into the tiny black and white telly in his even smaller rented smelly bedsit), next with ReBirth, then Reason, Cubase, Ableton Live.... Currently he uses a Moog Voyager, ProTools and a rampant collection of other music stuff. Occasionally he gets to gig at a few festivals around ireland, and work at a few 'live-sound' venues around Dublin as a 'Live Sound' Engineer. Best music moment: Either the time he and Diarmo played live (as MonoSum) to a nice sized crowd at Mantua Festival '06, or the time he had a lock-in in AnSeo Dublin with Dr Alex Paterson, drinking brandy and smoking a few fine Jamaican 'cigars'. Dara is currently in his second year of 'Sound Engineering' at Pulse Recording Studios in Dublin. Viva la tunes....

Aoife de Burca:
Aoife is not fond of writing biographies about herself so until she does all you'll have to go on is her work!

We are pleased to announce that on Sunday 28th June starting from 2pm in Twisted Pepper the following...

In the back room on the ground floor and playing live:

Sunken Foal

We saw Sunken Foal playing live in Twisted Pepper for !kaboogie a few months ago and knew we had to have them play at Second Square to None. Beautifully organic and intricate electronics presented in a remarkably live fashion - main man Dunk Murphy tweaks his synths and mysterious looking Logic Pro environment set up while opposite Rod Morris taps in the beats and samples on a keyboard. Sunken Foal are one of a small handful of Irish acts who have reached the peak of electronica cool by getting an album released on the Planet-Mu label, "Fallen Arches". Check that shit out!


Long-time Alphabet Set cohort Bluefood makes fun music - music that will put a smile on your face. Check out "Live at the Button Factory" on his Soundcloud page in the link above and you'll see what I mean! Paul likes to keep organic or live elements in his music, not being a fan of tight machine music - perhaps this is why his music has a distinctly human element. Anyway, we've asked him to play some of his more downbeat tunes, of which he has loads.

Gland & Conduit

Gland & Conduit are a duo consisting of Herv and Mel. Herv is a well known breakcore producer with shitloads of releases on a variety of labels around the world. The duo have only recently formed and make noisy music! Fragments of rhythm can be found lurking in the shadows of the grainy noise and found sounds - their set promises to be an interesting listening experience!

Ventolyn & Becotyde

Last year when I was in Galway for the first time playing a gig in the moisture-laden city a mate of Ventolyn & Becotyde insisted I take a note of his not-so-easy-to-remember name. V&B has apparently only been producing for 2 years which is sickening to those of us at it for several years. His album "Audissect" (available for free here) showcases the ease at which he has mastered the IDM sound; for Second Square to None however he will be playing a selection of more ambient tunes that you won't hear anywhere else!

Jimmy the Hideous Penguin

Jimmy is another Galway guest who we're glad to have back at Second Square to None. He's a turntablist who mixes up the idea of DJ'ing and live performance in an entertaining fashion. In Galway Jimmy organises the annual Community Skratch Games and has a similar ethos to Second Square to None regarding how gigs should be run. He'll be playing between and after the live acts in the back room.

And then we have the DJ's, some of whom you may remember destroying dancefloors (in the best possible way!) over the years at !kaboogie gigs and Mantua etc:


thatboytim is one of the founding members of Belfast (and now Dublin)-based Takeover Records, and can be found spinning tunes every Thursday in Hogan's on George's Street. Normally Tim plays party tunes but on the 28th will be selecting some choice dub, electronica and who knows what else!


redmonk is another DJ well known for bringing bass sounds to squeeze the air out of your lungs at !kaboogie and Wobble nights the past few years. He'll be playing some more chill stuff for us as that's kinda what we're going for!


Prozac, AKA Riccardo Veglianti, is a man who consumes music of all types and in all formats, but who especially favours minimal and dub techno (the good type of Minimal! Not that derivative SHIT that we love to hate!) on vinyl. Ric has played on occasion for the now seemingly dormant Stasis Collective, and Electic City, but not nearly enough for our liking - great DJ!


Mully is a veteran of the Irish drum 'n' bass / jungle scene and a collector of musics old and new. He'll be playing a selection of sounds from his archives from Krautrock to Warp style electronics and older Enotype ambience.

Gonna be gooooooood! And all for free! All we ask is that you come, the earlier the better, or you'll miss it all!

Flash music composer

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Thought we'd point out an interesting web app that we came across on our internet wanderings.

Audiotool is a stylishly executed electronic music creation suite with a comprehensive virtual gear list including groove boxes, effects pedals, mixers & synths for jamming out tunes. There are lots of options for wiring your signal chains and you can record out to harddisk when you're finished. What makes it pretty amazing is the fact that it runs on Flash within your web browser, for free.

Audio-visual sexy sexy

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Howdy, jus wanted to highlight some interesting club visuals/audio-visual installations. Might be some ideas for future Second Square events in here...

Anti VJ is a visual label that does visuals experiments, installations, architecture design & live visuals. They seek to 'step away from the usual projections screens and formats, explore projections in 3D spaces and study visual perception'. Below are three examples but check out their blog, their stuff is amazing.

AntiVJ - Nuit Blanche Bruxelles - The content is a mix of 2D / 3D visuals, with mapping and architecture related projections. The second half of the video is especially unbelievable.

AntiVJ - 3Destruct from AntiVJ on Vimeo. Audiovisual installation at Biennale d'art contemporain in Louvain, Belgium. May 2007

AntiVJ - Live Painting: Shackleton from AntiVJ on Vimeo.

Electric Moons is a performance for a matrix of 64 gas balloons, lights, and sound

From their website: "A room is filled with deep, evolving noises from a four-channel sound system. An eight-by-eight array of white, self-illuminated spheres floats in space like the atoms of a complex molecule.

Through variable positioning and illumination of each atom, a dynamic display sculpture comes into being, composed of physical objects, patterns of light, and synchronous rhythmic and textural sonic events. Change, sound, and movement converge into a larger form.

The height of the helium balloons is adjusted with a computer-controlled cable, whilst the internal illumination is accomplished using dimmable super-bright LEDs, creating a pixel in a warped 8x8 spatial matrix.

The sonic events, the patterns of light, and the movement of the balloons are manipulated in real time as a 45-60 minute-long performance."

Punto y Raya Festival 2007 - Excerpt from the dot·line dvj session by Mia Makela (SOLU) and Raúl Santos (Supercinexcene) at Punto y Raya Festival (Madrid, September 1st 2007).

Cubatron display at Burning Man 2007 - Pretty lights

Pablo Valbuena - The Augmented Sculpture Project - The ability to write the following is the reason that this piece is in galleries/museums rather then clubs...: " This project is focused on the temporary quality of space, investigating space-time not only as a three dimensional environment, but as space in transformation.

For this purpose two layers are produced that explore different aspects of the space-time reality. On the one hand the physical layer, which controls the real space and shapes the volumetric base that serves as support for the next level. The second level is a virtual projected layer that allows controlling the transformation and sequentiality of space-time.

The blending of both levels gives the impression of physical geometry suitable of being transformed. The orverlapping produces a three-dimensional space augmented by a transformable layer suitable to be controlled, resulting in the capacity through the installation of altering multiple dimensions of space-time.

These ideas come to life in an abstract and geometric envelope, enhanced with synesthetic audio elements and establishing a dialogue with the observer." It looks real nice too.

Kubik is an open air club in Barcelona. Illuminated water tanks are stacked to create the structure, creating a synaesthetic relationship between light/architectural structure and the (dubious) tunes to create what must be a fairly mind blowing club experience.

Redmonk artwork

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Get hi-res pdf of Redmonk's artwork for Ed Devane Live at the Joy Gallery here.

Date and Venue Confirmed!!!

Monday, June 08, 2009 1 comments

We've finally gotten our act together and sorted out our venue related teething problems.

We can confirm that the next Second Square to None will be taking place on 28th of June in the Twisted Pepper.

In keeping with the ethos we've laid out from the start its gonna remain a cheap day out with no admission charge and we're assured there'll be some decent discounts at the bar to boot!

So SPREAD THE WORD and check here in the coming days for a completed line-up.

Right here is the first of the exclusive Second Square To None Monday downloads.

"Journey through Sprung Land while sipping hot whiskey and wrapped in warm yellow blankets. Occasionally noise blurs and blizzards obstruct your view; sonic squirrels throw rocks but miss. Wooded valleys loom as dusk approaches, and then!'s over.

  • #1 toy megaphone
  • #1 home-made baritone zither with multiple pick-ups
  • #1 Mac laptop running Ableton Live
  • #1 dictaphone with a tape I made about 10 years ago - prank phone calls etc.
  • #1 distortion effect
  • #1 autopan effect
  • #1 pitch shifter effect
  • #1 loop sampler
  • #1 8 channel mixer
  • #1 Ed Devane
This was the first liveset to be played at Second Square to None, on a freezing cold Sunday at the end of November 2008. There were no heaters in the Joy Gallery and only a handful of people in attendance (for it was 12.30pm)."

Slideshow has artwork by Redmonk that accompanies this release. Check back tomorrow for hi-res pdf of complete artwork.

Just to say again, anyone who makes music, art or any permutation of those two loose descriptions of creative output, get in touch if you think you're good enough! We are especially interested in meeting folk who make visuals / video art, people who do interesting things with lights / dynamic colour and folk willing to do cover artwork for our mini-label. If you're reading this and don't do any of those things but know someone who might, let them know.

Samples of work/links can be sent here.
Audio can be uploaded to our Drop Box on Soundcloud.

Depending on people's willingness to invest time and effort we'd like to facilitate one-off multimedia projects at our gigs, by allowing artist of different expertise to work together. For instance a music maker teams up with a video artist to create thematically linked music/visuals; instrumentalists ("real" musicians!) work with studio boffins (those of us more comfortable making/performing music with the help of a computer) and lighting artists make a surround sound synaesthetic wonderland in a dingy nightclub; web designers versed in interactive visual software work with sound designers versed in generative audio software to make audience-controlled interactive entities etc. etc. etc.

Unemployed post-grad media students and creative veterans alike we want you.

No jobs, no future, just loads of time that could be spent doing something constructive while you wait for your dole to come through and the combination of swine flu, nuclear war, starvation etc. to really throw salt in the recession wound! Woopee!

Call back here, or check the RSS feed for those of you into that sort of thing.

Team Second Square to None
To celebrate the Second Square To None site redesign we have an exclusive mellow set by Redmonk.

Tonntracha mix (21:36)

Colleen - Les Ondes Silencieuses
DJ Spooky - Variation Cybornetique: Rhythmic Pataphysic
Sole - Pure Trash
Meam - Untitled
Porn Sword Tobacco - Charlie Chaplin
Xela - Wet Bones
Svarte Greiner - The Black Dress
Susuma Yokota - Plateau on Plateau