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Photos from live room at SSTN7

Monday, December 21, 2009 , 0 comments

Huge thanks to Colm for taking the photos.

Thanks a million to those who came down to SSTN7 yesterday. We were blown away by all the acts and want to thank them all massively for playing.

If there are any sore heads after the weekend this set from Friction = Fire will certainly help settle them down, gorgeous downbeat, ambient electronica in the vein of Múm or Boards of Canada.

Friction = Fire
Colm's music can be described as the sounds of an insomniac dreamer. Having mostly made tunes in bed at 4am with a powerbook, big headphones and a warm lap, he hopes his tunes convey this.

Change of pace with this week's music, heavy tunes pushing the BPMs from Swarm Intelligence. Looking forward to hearing another quality set at SSTN7 on 20 Dec. This one will get your Monday moving.

[Swarm Intelligence | Universalgerät 5000]
01. Antimatter - Persepolis (Remix)
02. Mothboy - Becoming Solar
03. Amon Tobin - The Last Minute
04. Larvae - Sith Witch
05. Twinkle - La Dictee
06. Milanese - Sight Beyond Sight
07. Cdatakill - Graceless
08. Datach'i - Breech
09. AFX - Mangle 11 [Circuit Bent VIP Mix]
10. Milanese - Mr Bad News (Clark Remix)
11. Prince Kong feat. Lady Grew - Sub Dentata
12. Speedy J - Amoco Cadiz
13. Jega - Aerodynamic
14. Squarepusher & AFX - Freeman Hardy & Willis Acid
15. Glen Velez - Untitled (Clark Mix)
16. Funckarma - Brim
17. Metronique - Sense
18. Mike Inc - Paroles (Autechre Repoles)
19. Spark - Plastic People
Currently based in Berlin working as a music software developer Simon has been active on the music scene for a few years now, formerly running gigs with Stasis, and currently overseeing the development of a net label of the same name. As a DJ and producer Simon favours the complex end of IDM and broken techno.

Article on Analogue Magazine site

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Article by the lovely Eadaoin O'Sullivan up on Analogue Magazine. Focuses mainly on noise but also gives a nice overview of the general buzz. Lovely stuff. 

She keeps mentioning some Ed Devane guy though, never heard of him. Wait actually, I think he's that little fella who lives under my desk.

STA001 available now.

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The first release by Stasis Records is available now. It features plenty of Irish talent, most of whom have performed at SSTN events in the past, Ed Devane, David AdamsSwarm Intelligence, and Ventolyn & Becotyde.

STA001 : V/A : Antimode out now! Download for free at

Stasis Records was founded to provide a platform to showcase the productions of both its members and other local and international artists. Its objectives are to promote original and quality electronic music. Expect dense, beat-driven slabs of bass heavy darkness from artists both unknown and established alike.

SSTN7 Details

Thursday, December 03, 2009 , 0 comments

To celebrate one year of SSTN and to capitalise on the general festive cheer / gloom we've got a special line up booked for Sunday 20th December in Twisted Pepper. It's been a good year for us, and we've got bigger (and smaller) and better things planned for 2010 - more about that further down the page. We'd like to thank all the artists who played, made artwork for us, or in any other way contributed, and the people who came to the gigs and visited the blog. Well done!
Firstly, the vital facts about the gig:

When: 3-11PM, Sunday 20th December

Where: The Twisted Pepper, 54 Middle Abbey St., Dublin 1

How Much: €ree

Why: Why not


Live acts (3-7PM in the Live Room, get down early!!!)

Legion of Two

The latest Irish act to get signed to The Best Electronica Label In The World, Planet-Mu, Legion of Two consist of 2 veterans of the Irish underground, Alan O'Boyle and David Lacey. Alan is best known for his work as Decal, with releases on Planet Mu and Rotters Golf Club among others, and David has played in scores of bands and is active on the improv scene in Dublin for many years. Based on that description you might expect Legion of Two to be some sort of electro jazz crossover, but this is not the case. Slow, heavy synth bass riffs collide with stoner metal drums while scorched dronetones interweave above. Epic stuff! We've been trying to book them for months now and are delighted that they will be playing mostly new material for us on the 20th! Their album Riffs is available now from any record shop worth its salt. A recent live set they recorded for BBC 1's Mary Anne Hobbs can be listened to here:


When Cignol played for us at the first SSTN in November 2008, he presented the audience with a beautifully mellow blend of organic electronica. During the last ever DEAF in October we saw him play at Alphabet Set's gig in The Purty Kitchen and were blown away by the pure-jigginess of his set! We knew we had to get him to play something similar for us so we're happy to have Mr. Haddock play through Twisted Pepper's Star Wars sound system! In the meantime have a listen to his set from SSTN1...


Formerly known as Fringe Holly McGowan is no stranger to Second Square to None, having been at most if not all of our events, and contributing to the Ten Second Rule. So it's about time we booked her to play! ILEX makes Sunday afternoon music - rhythms to excuse your shaking hands and feet, warm woolly tones to soothe your brain and melodies to soundtrack your movement through time. Word on the street is Holly is nearly finished her debut album, so expect to hear fresh material! To get in the mood have a listen to this net release on Alphabet Set:

DJ's (7-11 in the Mezz room in Twisted Pepper)


Takeover Recordings boss and mixed-bag master thatboytim will be bringing his eclectic selections once more to SSTN. Currently running Takeover in new digital form, Tim is a busy man: check out the Response Unit 1 compilation that ushers Takeover into the digi-era here:

Fran Hartnett

A veteran of the Irish techno scene, Fran has entertained many a crowd as a DJ, and is getting attention from the right places as a producer, with tracks out on Man Trap Recordings (which have been played out by Surgeon among others). For SSTN Fran will be using a drum machine in conjunction with decks, mixing a blend of the industrial end of minimal techno with electronics.

Swarm Intelligence

We're happy to have Stasis Records main dude Simon Hayes / Swarm Intelligence play for us again in a more official capacity to last time (i.e., he's on the flier!). Currently based in Berlin working as a music software developer Simon has been active on the music scene for a few years now, formerly running gigs with Stasis, and currently overseeing the development of a net label of the same name. As a DJ and producer Simon favours the complex end of IDM and broken techno, as can be heard here: