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Fairlights are playing at this tonight. We featured Enda/Fairlights awhile back on the blog, recommend checking him out live (+ it's free).

New gig by Spatial Music Collective featuring Dublin Guitar Quartet at Smock Alley Theatre on August 5th. Worth checking out.

Full details here.

For this very special concert, the quartet will be performing with electric guitars and four guitar amplifiers positioned in the four corners of the theatre, while the electronic parts will be performed using an additional eight-channel surround sound speaker array. The concert will include the premiere performance of new works for electric guitar quartet and 8-channel electronics by Brian Bridges, Linda Buckley, Simon Cullen, Michael Fleming and Jonathan Nangle. In addition, Enda Bates will be performing a new work for hexaphonic guitar and electronics and Pat Brunnock from the Dublin Guitar Quartet will be performing Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint.
From, lots of interesting people playing at this:

Deserted Village Summer Party with.........

United Bible Studies
Plinth ('Occurence At Owl Creek Bridge' Live Soundtrack & DJ sets)
Children Under Hoof
Sabre Series
DJ Jaakko Häme

25th July, Twisted Pepper (The Mezz upstairs) 7pm €8

Sabre Series: Debut of new band comprised of:
Niamh De Barra: Cello
Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh: Viola
Fiona Lucia McGarry: Violin
Gavin Prior: Guitar
Suzanne Walsh: Vocals

Second Square to None presents the launch of Niamh de Barra (formerly known as Scurvy Lass)'s debut EP "Cusp", the first official release on SSTN. The gig will take place in The Joinery on Sunday 8th August from 4-7PM. Niamh will be joined by a choir for part of her set, with support from Laura Sheeran (live) and Steph Power (DJ set).


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Set of haunting ambience and luscious electronica from Colin J. Morris on Soundcloud (featured a few weeks ago as part of the Strings Series). Hurry up there now and get the headphones ya pup.

Something a bit different....Crash Ensemble - Live from (Le) Poisson Rouge on May 10, 2010, on

Featuring pieces by Terry Riley, David Lang, Steve Reich and artistic director Donnacha Dennehy. Quality recording of a very interesting program.
  SOMADRONE - MIX // JULY 2010 by SkinnyWolves

Mix by Somadrome for Skinny Wolves featuring lots of really nice ambient selections. Plenty more Skinny Wolves mixes here, worth checking out.

SSTN associates A4 Sounds are putting on a fundraiser gig in The Cavern (The Good Bits, 1 Store St., Dublin 1) on Saturday 24th July. The art group have been asked to fill an empty shop unit in Tuam Shopping Center, Tuam, Co. Galway as part of the Earwig! Tuam Arts Festival in August. Being an artist-run collective, and being that most of the members are forever broke, they are exchanging techno for cash!

Proceeds will go towards making the show something to remember for all at the festival, and the line up promises to deliver heavy and in places off-kilter styles of the people's number one* party music: techno.

Ex-pats Ronan Dunne, The Prunisher and Rory St. John will be in town on the night to lend some pre-Rathlin wonk, and will be aided and abetted by Xim (one half of new kids on the block Digger), !kaboogie agitator Redmonk and that Ed Devane lad.

*analysis of widespread youth culture trends in relation to interaction with music (in the form of pie charts, PowerPoint presentations and laser pointers) was not used in the construction of that sentence
A few weeks back on the Strings Series we featured Colin Boylan, who contributed a real beauty of a piece. He has a new project on the go called Sunburnt Jets who have just released a free two-track EP of low-fi pop. Check it out now on Bandcamp.


Ed Devane's contribution to Mantis Radio now available for download here.
Ed Devane is a Dublin-based artist primarily working with sound. As a producer he is known for releases on a variety of electronic labels, while most recently he released his debut album Molten Membrane (on Mantrap Recordings) – a daring trip through ambient, hip hop tempo melancholy, dub, industrial and into the fiercer chest-shaking attacks that have become his trademark. His interest in sound design has in recent years led him to build his own instruments, including a homemade zither, which was used throughout the recording of Molten Membrane. When not making music Ed also helps in the running of Second Square to None (events, label, blog, audiovisuals)

Delighted to hear Cignol is ready to release his new album, will be quality stuff.

One of the few acts to play twice for us at SSTN, check out these livesets for a reminder of why you want to go to this gig and get the album:
Live at SSTN7
Live at SSTN1