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Ed Devane: Image as sound

Thursday, September 30, 2010 0 comments

  StockMarket-bounceRecon1 by Ed Devane

How was this made?:
Photoshop mainly...a RAW file can be opened several different ways, pixel dimensions, dpi and colour channel settings all determine the result. So I make a load of different images, convert them into audio, process the audio, convert back to RAW back and forth, then composite bits of the more interesting ones into a new image file. Trial and error meets tedium and persistence, realise they have a lot in common, and have a pixel party.
<a href="">Lippu by Lakker</a>

  quick fix by colin.j.morris

Really nice sparse instrumental. Perfect for the wee hours.

Eomac demo tracks

Sunday, September 26, 2010 1 comments

  2010 Demo Tracks by eomac

As further evidence (if any were needed) that Eomac is a top-class talent these are the tracks that he deems demos...

NUTE005 - The Last Sound

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  NUTE005 - The Last Sound - Fina/Cold/Fire by nuterecords

Featuring remixes from Gland & Conduit and Magnatize, amongst others, this forthcoming EP by the Last Sound on Nute seems an interesting proposition.

Thread Pulls

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New thoughts by thread pulls

Another fine release from Osaka. Sounds great, hats off to local mastering.
  Ed Devane @ Test 18-09-10 by Ed Devane

Info at

1. Ed Devane - Stony-faced / Cataclysmic
2. Ed Devane - BYM version
3. Ed Devane - Tua
4. Ed Devane - Technoblient version
5. T-Polar - War Stories for Boys (Ed Devane remix)(War Stories Remixes - Takeover Recordings)
6. Ed Devane - Squib (dry) (feat. vox from Amanda Feery + Regan O'Brien "From the Moment You Arrive")
7. Ed Devane - Frozen Backpackers (Trapdoor Material Part 2 v/a/ EP - Mantrap Records 005)
8. Ed Devane - Playtime (Rapidfirebuzzer v/a EP - !kaboogie KBG003)
9. Ed Devane - Melted Membrane (remix of Molten Membrane album, forthcoming Mantrap)
10. Ed Devane - Lissajous Inversion
11. Ed Devane - Money for Beer? (Over the Counter-Culture v/a EP, Spacebar Sentiments SBS002)
12. Ed Devane - Chalktown Bounce Collision (Room Full of Empty People EP, forthcoming Takeover)
13. Ed Devane - (why worry about something that doesn't exist?)Future (Room Full of Empty People EP, forthcoming Takeover)
14. Ed Devane - 2C-me (Room Full of Empty People EP, forthcoming Takeover)
15. Ed Devane - Stand Clear (personal space mix)
16. Anodyne - Haze (Ed Devane remix)
Amanda Feery - Soilsubsoil by SSTN Strings

Very happy to present a new piece by Irish composer Amanda Feery as part of our Strings Series.

Tell us a little about your musical background ie influences, formative experiences, bands you play/played in.

I started piano when I was 7 and hated lessons. I used to teach myself exam pieces during the summer so I had enough time to play tunes I liked. My Mum always had music blaring around the house so I would learn songs l liked by ear (like, the B52’s..). This way of learning music was rewarding, and I was able to figure out the rudiments of music on my own through listening, rather than chewing my pencil over a workbook. I started clarinet when I was 11, thrown in the deep end completely, playing with a marching band. Like most grungy preteens, I also started playing guitar. Performance was a huge part of my musical life in my teens, but when I started a music degree, I neglected performance, and started composing. My teacher, Donnacha Dennehy, was/is a great inspiration, but I was a very bold undergraduate student, not wholly interested in all of the classes I was taking, and it wasn’t until I started my masters that I began taking composition seriously. Playing by ear, and working things out on the keyboard definitely shaped the way I write music today. That, and the volume level my Mum played music at home (loudness, lovely).

KBG003 Rapidfirebuzzer EP

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  KBG003 Rapidfirebuzzer EP by kaboogiemusic

Another slab of bass-heavy genius from !Kaboogie. More info at
Release date: Sep 20, 2010


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⠓⠕⠞⠑⠇ from Michael Higgins on Vimeo.
  Irish Electronics DJ Set - Recorded Live @ Tacheles, Berlin by swarmintelligence

Irish Electronics DJ Set by Swarm Intelligence featuring releases from Fran Hartnett, Eomac, Rory St John, Ed Devane, Lakker, Digger and the man himself. Great set and deadly to see someone spreading the good word abroad.



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<a href="">And So Our Troubles Began by Drainland</a>

<a href="">split 10&quot; with grinding halt by Drainland</a>

Enjoying this very much this evening. Free download, highly recommended if you're into your metal/hardcore.

From Metal Ireland:
What really sets the band apart from their fellows is a deadly serious approach to both sound and presentation. The group has clearly take pains to produce riffage that is as bleak as humanly possible, with delayed, sustained guitar and a penchant for noise/ambient samples being deftly mixed in with good, old-fashioned crunch.

The ‘dirgecore’ label they’ve acquired is pretty close to the mark, and it’s clear that a lot of effort has gone into ensuring a guitar tone that’s so filthy it sounds like it’s half decomposing but which still retains plenty of depth.

For the most part, the record is full of fast, hammering sections of anger and populated with guitar chords that unsettle right down to the pit of your stomach.

Found via @LegionofTwo

The Ghetto Quietly boys are launching their second record tonight in The Cavern @ The Good Bits, which promises to be supermega. The 10" vinyl is a split between A-FORCE and EOMAC, both of whom are playing this evening, and is available with admission for a very reasonable €10 (€7 without).

SSTN affiliates DIGGER will be playing their first Dublin set promoting their recent Brookfield Grime EP on SSTN, as well as up and coming DJ ANTHROPE and Ghetto-superstar BLUEFOOD. International flavour for the night comes from BAOBINGA (UK).

Don't miss this! for more images and info

October gig postponed

Wednesday, September 08, 2010 0 comments

Looks like our October extravaganza (mentioned last week) will have to be postponed. Venue have jacked up the price and hit us with stipulations (after having already agreed terms sometime ago), which have combined to make the gig untenable at this point. Tis a real shame, we were pretty excited about that one. We shall reschedule soon as possible!

Mixtape put together by Euphiophone of tracks by Irish artists made available on free EPs and compilations.

(Note the 8Tracks player automatically shuffles the tracks)

Ambulance - Diamonds Are for Girls - Front End Synthetics Compilation - Download

Digger - Brookfield Grime (Kidnap the Senator) - Brookfield Grime - Download

Niamh de Barra - Cusp - Download

Meljoann - Historical Exhibit (Plastic Artefact Mix) - Tour Guide EP - Download

Herv - I Didn't Hear Anyone Asking For A Rewind... - Gang Molded - Download

Prince Kong feat Lady Grew - Broken Boys - !Kaboogie Sampler 3 - Download

Lakker - Breath - - Download

Colin J.Morris - Falling Timbers - Chocolate - Download

Sunburnt Jets - Pushed Into Fire - Low Flying Crow - Download

Hunter Gatherer - Under Lock and Quay - Fingerprint Series - Download


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Digger - Brookfield Grime EP out now!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010 0 comments

Digger's long awaited Brookfield Grime EP has landed!
Heavy Dublin bass business with remixes from Piratio, Scheme Boy and SSTN's very own Kachanski.

Check out the title tune:
<a href="">Brookfield Grime (Kidnap the Senator) by Digger</a>

Available now for free or voluntary donation from Bandcamp.
Download Brookfield Grime!

Digger are Knack Daddy and Xim, from Mullingar/Dublin. They are very old friends and have made music together for years. Digger is a new project started in 2010 after a while apart.

They are already making waves on the Irish and UK bass music scene, having drawn praise from leading lights like Boxcutter and Kuedo (aka Jamie Vex'd).

Their tune Helicopter was also featured in Hip Hop wunderkind Loops Haunt's Strange Fruit mix.
Check it out here: Strange Fruit Mix Vol. 1

With releases and remixes scheduled for Meljoann's new BoyScout Audio label, Scheme Boy, SSTN and Niamh de Barra they have a busy year ahead.

For music, gig listings and booking enquiries catch Digger on facebook and MySpace:
Digger Facebook
Digger MySpace