Second Square To None

  Square Waves 2.3: Stay Awake to... by SquareWaves

Year 2 Show 3: tracklist and info

Artist: Xela
From: England
Track: Linseed
Album: The Dead Sea
Label: Type
Year: 2006
Notes: aka John Twells, the co-founder of Type records, which I think is based in Manchester. Xela has since released a few limited cassettes, cdrs, lps, and two full length albums, Heors of the Fire, on Rite recordings and In Bocca Al Lupo on Type

I always enjoy a diverse line-up, when the emphasis is on getting some quality music together whatever style it may be. Keeps things interesting. This gig on Saturday should definitely satisfy as Melodica Deathship seem to be coming up with the goods on their new album, and it's always great to hear Legion of Two and Niamh (now with new chunky beats) doing their thing. 

Extensive feature/interview with Melodica Deathship over on Harmless Noise.
Amazing artwork by Gavin Beattie.

Cignol & t-woc Split 7" release

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Cignol - Tumnal by The Alphabet Set

t-woc - Tzurmen by The Alphabet Set

New release from Alphabet set with live instore:
The Cignol & t-woc split 7" is out now!!, to celebrate they are playing live instore at The R.A.G.E this Saturday from 5 til 6pm.

So you can take a break from your frantic last minute halloween costume shopping and join us for some beats and bass amongst the retro game consoles and vintage vinyl. Free slices of pumpkin and pints of goats blood for early arrivals.

Meljoann album preview

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Love the artwork for Meljoann's debut album by Lisa of A4 Sounds

New tracks: A Shadow

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Periodic Like Desire by A Shadow

Fearing Nothing But The Unknown In A World Of Mysterious Wonder by A Shadow

An album is forthcoming but in the meantime enjoy these two new tracks by A Shadow. Those of you who like a bit of Fennesz, Lawrence English, Belong, Tim Hecker, Stars of the Lid, Susumu Yokota or Colleen will definitely appreciate.
  Square Waves 2.2 ROCK!!!...ish... by SquareWaves

Year 2 Show 2: tracklist and info
Artist: Fantomas
From: California in the US
Track: 18/04/05 Monday
Album: Suspended Animation
Label: ipecac
From: Mike Pattons label from California
Year: 2005
Notes: Formed in 1998 by Mike Patton of Faith No More fame, he is joined by guitarist Buzz Osborne of the Melvins, bassist Trevor Dunn of Mr Bungle, and Drummer Dave Lombardo of Slayer. Suspended Animation was their last release, worth checking out is The Directors Cut from 2001 and Fantomas the debut album from 1998. Also Mike Patton’s albums and collaborations released either on the ipecac imprint or John Zorn’s Tszadik label.

Another interesting gig coming up from the Boys of Summer/Munitions Family camp.

Boys of Summer
w/ guests David Lacey & Paul Vogel

Project Arts Centre
Wed 27 October
8 pm
Boys of Summer
soundcloud | myspace | vimeo

Boys of Summer is a Dublin based synthesizer trio made up of Paul G. Smyth (The Jimmy Cake), Ivan Pawle (Sea Dog) and Andrew Fogarty (Reptile Brain, Toymonger, Weil Rats) on the Munitions Family label.

The group primarily uses analogue synthesizers and tape delays to create a modern electronic sound, which draws from early German Electronic Experimentalists and minimalists like Terry Riley and Brian Eno

Boys of Summer have performed alongside artists such as Cluster, Xeno & Oaklander, Led er Est, Grouper, John Weise, Pocahaunted, Sun Araw, Lucky Dragons and Gnod. To date the group has released three albums on the Dublin-based Munitions Family label; 'V' (2008), 'Pharaoh' (2009) and 'Future Ancients' (2010) and has a forthcoming split release with Greek musician Lunar Miasma on the Insult! label.


David Lacey & Paul Vogel
i and e

David Lacey plays percussion, crude electronics and tapes.

Paul Vogel is an improviser based in Ireland. His original instruments were piano and
clarinet, but in recent years, he has incorporated electronics into his set up. He was
a member of the Bristol Musicians Co-op in the late seventies and is currently co-
curator (with David Lacey) of i-and-e, an organisation which promotes improvised and
contemporary music in Dublin. He has composed music for radio and contemporary
dance groups and has worked with Phil Durrant, Angharad Davies, Lee Patterson,
Keith Rowe and Mark Wastell, amongst others. He has released recordings on Cathnor,
Confront and Homefront.


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Dublin-based audio artist Ed Devane presents Stop/Run: part concert, part installation, part sound sculpture, part experiment.

6 composers actively involved in electroacoustic / experimental / new music have been commissioned to write pieces for 5 instruments especially built by Ed Devane. The compositions will be performed at the opening in Severed Head on 11th December, and audio/visual recordings of the performances will be played in the following week.

Composers (in alphabetic order)
Brian Conniffe
Niamh de Barra
Amanda Feery
Laura Hyland
Ian McDonnell
Shane McKenna
Eoin Smith

The instruments have been designed to give the composer a wide range of choices to make sound. Strings, air chamber resonators, whistles and percussive objects will make sound acoustically; these will be rigged with pickups for electronic processing and amplification, and computer control via arduino of motors and electromagnets will allow for machine sequencing of physical instruments.

Meljoann gigs this weekend

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Pic from
Meljoann, accompanied by Ed Devane, is playing three gigs this weekend:

Thursday supporting Warpaint in Crawdaddy (8pm, €14)

Friday !kaboogie supporting Mike Paradinas (10.30pm, €15) in Twisted Pepper

Saturday in the Bierhaus in Galway (not sure of details for that yet)

      Square Waves 2.1: Back With Sludge and Doom by SquareWaves

    Year 2 Show 1: tracklist and info
    Artist: United Bible Studies
    From: Ireland
    Track: The Jonah
    Album: The Jonah
    Label: Camera Obscura
    From: Austrailia
    Year: 2009
    Notes: : constantly changing collective of Irish musicians mainly based in Dubin and Cork, the players are involved in numerous projects such as Munitions Family, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Agitated Radio Pilot and Wyntr Ravin.

    Niamh de Barra Dwell from Neasa de Barra on Vimeo.

    Niamh de Barra performing a cracking unreleased track called 'Dwell' at the Cusp EP launch in the Joinery on the 8th of August 2010.

    Many thanks to Neasa de Barra for putting this together, and to Nob and Tom O'Dea for shooting it.

    Evening of improvised music featuring Ian McDonnell (Eomac/Lakker) and Shane Latimer of Bottlenote Music.
    Fri 22nd October at Hello Operator

    AJM Collective (Portugal) meets Bottlenote Music (Ireland)

    AJM Collective is an improvised music ensemble, well known for the influences of free jazz and experimental music, in live performances the music interacts with image in real time.
    Marcelo dos Reis (guitar)
    João Apolinário (drums)
    Manuel Ara (tenor/soprano saxophones)
    José Miguel (double bass)
    Kátia Sá (visual installation)

    Bottlenote Music is an artist-led project dedicated to presenting Dublin's leading musicians working in improvised music today.
    Shane Latimer (guitar)
    Ian McDonnell (laptop)

    Doors 8pm, €8
    DJ Set @ Bethanian 01.10.10 by swarmintelligence

    Swarm Intelligence, every set he gets better and better. Also, check out this article he put together on granular synthesis.


    Flyer: Skinny Wolves club night

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    Solar Bears mix for Bestiblog

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    Mix by Solar Bears following the recent release of their debut on Planet Mu. Aptly described as "makers of dream-like psych, kraut and ambient soundscapes that evoke the sounds of synth legends like Giorgio Moroder, John Carpenter and Klaus Schulze".

    Found via @solar_bears. More  info on Bestiblog.

      CHILDREN UNDER HOOF - MIX // October 2010 by SkinnyWolves

    New Skinny Wolves mix, looks like a very interesting tracklist from Children Under Hoof. More details (including full tracklist) on Children Under Hoof/School Tour man Ger's blog.
    A mix I made for Skinny Wolves's ongoing mix series compiled by bands that are/ have play at their shows. I asked the four other members of Children Under Hoof to give me three songs each that reflected what they think influences their input into the Hoof's "sound". I send Saturday mixing them together with some film and TV clips, slowed down vinyl rips and songs that get me all hot and bothered.
    School Tour has also release an excellent new free EP of eerie, low-fi, synth electronica. Download Yes Way EP.
    More info on the always excellent Harmless Noise.

    Haven't featured any techno in awhile, so here is a prime chance to catch a recent set from one of our favourite producers, Rory St John.

    Direct link to Beton show featuring Rory St John set

    1. rsj - Sadbat (teskoba)
    2. rsj - Krayon (unrel)
    3. uninerves - black ops (mantrap)
    4. rsj - 12 bullet (unrel)
    5. rsj - chew (unrel)
    6. rsj - 13 bullet (Limetree)
    6. rsj - wasted (Stasis)
    8. Black SMith Craft - The End of Everything (rsj remix) (Limetree)
    9. rsj - Widow (teskoba)
    10. rsj - untitled (Limetree)
    11. rsj - deglove
    12. Madtek - The Dark age (rsj remix) (Digital Distortions)

    FYED with Laura Hyland

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      Jam with Laura Hyland by FYED

    Played Monday 6-10-10. Beautiful improvised noise.

    Sweet Oblivion - 6 October

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      Sweet Oblivion - RTE 2XM - 6 October by sweetoblivion

    Really enjoying the Sweet Oblivion radio shows. Featuring her usual engagingly eclectic selection, the one featured here also includes a track by Niamh de Barra from her SSTN released EP. A regular on RTE 2XM, you can check out her back catalogue of shows on Soundcloud and her blog. Lots to see and hear.

    Great line-up for this. A whole heap of more info at Should be bangin.
    Ilex and Meljoann are the support acts for Irish electronica favourite Hunter-Gatherer at the launch of his Pere Lachaise 7" this Thurs, 7 October.

    On the night there'll be giveaways including first-come-first-served USB keys (preloaded with video and mp3), badges and t-shirts. Copies of the 7", among other things, will be onsale at the gig.

    More info at the Facebook event page.

    Ilex set for SSTN

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      ilex for SSTN by ilex_

    A selection of work hand-picked by Ilex for SSTN. Showcases her deft touch with delicate, melodic electronics and subtle rhythmic interplay. Recommended listening.

    Soundcloud Sadness

    Saturday, October 02, 2010 2 comments

    In case anyone has noticed, many of the Soundcloud files from our sizable back catalogue of mixes and livesets are unavailable. This is because our hosting plan with them has expired and we currently don't have any funds to renew it. For the time being we have a limited selection of recent stuff available on a free account. The Noise and String Series pieces are unaffected by this. We hope to make everything available on a new and improved website before the end of the year. In the meantime, if anyone comes across a particular liveset/DJ set that they want, drop us a mail at hello(at) and we shall do our best to accommodate you via dropbox or similar.

    Strings 10: Zvuku

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    Zvuku - Halfway Slump by SSTN Strings

    Latest String Series contribution brings us luscious droning electro-acoustic ambience from Dublin-based Zvuku.

    Tell us a little about your musical background ie influences, formative experiences, bands you play/played in.

    I started out (at the end of the nineties) dj'ing electronica, jungle, ambient, classical, noise (and anything else we could get our hands on) on power fm (the dreaded Saturday night midnight to 4am slot) with a long time friend, droid - renowned crackpot and runner of the famed Blogariddims podcasts (I was under the name slug back then). This led us to part running "The Fear" club in the now disappeared Funnel. The Fear ( continued as a label, releasing electronica, Hip, Hop and lastly Jungle. The Fear has since sort of morphed into Ruff Revival - a jungle / Dubstep label - which i'm still involved in.
    During these years i've always dipped in and out of producing music - trying to teach myself musical composition etc, with a few releases here and there, but it wasn't until mid 2009 that the current project of Zvuku started - mainly due to getting some studio space at the time, letting me finally house all my equipment in one place! Zvuku (za - vu - coo) explores my love of ambient, noise, classical, drones etc.