Second Square To None

Preview tracks from Ed's forthcoming EP on Takeover Records. Love these mid-tempo stompers, lots of room for eerie textures and industrial grit. First solo release since his album earlier this year, check it out on Mantrap.

  Ed Devane - Squib by takeover recordings

Info from Takeover Soundcloud:
Squib leads off with gritty midrange breaks like a slightly more fucked up Surgeon/Counterbalance release, teasing us with a 4 to the floor kick, before dropping it all in alongside some otherworldly chimes and drones. At this point i'm thinking Velvet Underground go techno, and the track becomes a joyous sea of frequencies to abandon yourself in. Surreal and exhilarating.

Ed Devane - 2Cme by takeover recordings

Hear alternate versions and insight from the man himself in a blog post over on
  Square Waves 2.6: Particles and Smears. by SquareWaves

SHOW 2.6 Tracklist and info

Artist: Kaffe Matthews
From: London
Track: Skagerrak – the surface is ice I believe
Album: cd cécile
Label: Annette Works
From: London
Year: 1999
Notes: ‘all stuff grabbed and processed live from particular places (plus a scrap of Violin)’ Since 1990 she has been making and performing new electro-acoustic music worldwide with a variety of things and places such as violin, theremin, Scottish weather, desert stretched wires, NASA scientists, melting ice in Quebec and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. Currently she is researching 3D composition for outdoor enjoyment through Hammerhead sharks in Galapagos and sustainable vibratory interface design with ‘music for bodies’. Acknowledged as a pioneer in the field of electronic improvisation and live composition, Kaffe has released 6 solo CD’s on the label Annette Works.

  LTP009 :: Rory St. John - Miserithan by Limetree Projects

Masters just back for this new EP by Rory St John, out soon on Limetree Projects. Featuring a remix by Fran Hartnett this EP is four big slabs of proper techno.
  Square Waves 2.5: Sinners and Saints... by SquareWaves

Double Square Waves today, hope this gospel and blues special helps those suffering from the national gloom.

Show 2.5 Tracklist and info

Artist: Rev. A. W. Nix
From: Chicago
Track: Black Diamond Express to Hell pt. 1
Album: Goodbye Babylon
Label: Dust to Digital
From: Atlanta Georgia
Year: 1927
Notes: cd 6, no. 2

Square Waves 2.4: Gamelan by SquareWaves

Show 2.4 Tracklist and info

Artist: Linda Buckley, co-composed with Mel Mercier
From: Buckley is based in Dublin
Track: Telephones and Gongs
Album: New Music From UCC
Year: 2001
Notes: For Javanese gamelan, She studied Music at University College Cork, and Music and Media Technologies at Trinity College Dublin. She lectures at Trinity College, where she is studying for a doctorate in Composition.

Landslide - Music Video - Brian Conniffe with Suzanne Walsh from Michael Higgins on Vimeo.

Shot in wonderfully scratched and grainy 16mm slow-motion this video by Michael Higgins provides an oddly poignant accompaniment to this beautiful track by Brian Conniffe and Suzanne Walsh.

Pictures - Michael Higgins

Music - Brian Conniffe with Suzanne Walsh​brian-conniffe​suzannewalshmusic

Video: Silk Chroma

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Silk Chroma - Section 2 - Silk Threads Stopped Time from Silk Chroma on Vimeo.

Some meditative visual music work by some of the folk who lecture at the MMT course in Trinity. More information on their Vimeo page.
Silk Chroma is an audio-visual installation that is inspired by the novella Silk as a conceptual framework for the creation of a Visual Music colour presentation, with an accompanying electroacoustic musical composition using synthesized timbres and a surround sound presentation.

The premiere audio-visual installation took place in the Printing House in Trinity College, Dublin as part of the Innovation Dublin 2010 on November 11th and 12th, 2010.

Visuals: Maura McDonnell
Music: Linda Buckley​mmt

Acroplane Bass Sessions

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This gig on Friday (tomorrow) should be decent, featuring our own Ed Devane and friends of SSTN, Redmonk and Paul Acroplane. Ed's been all over the place lately with Meljoann and is preparing a show of a different nature for December so this is a rare chance to see him do his big dark dancefloor heaving set. It's also Redmonk's first gig in a few months after taking some time off to sort out the whole digital music revolution thing.

Room 2, Mynt, Belfast
£5 before 12, £7 after
10pm - 3am
More material from Crash, this time in the form of recordings recently uploaded to their Soundcloud account. Great to see them getting some stuff out there for people to hear, the odd play on Lyric just isn't enough. Listening to Shatter for the first time, great piece with lots of nightmarish tension punctuated by explosive dynamic shifts. Streetwalker is a taut rhythmic workout & Music in Similar Motion is Glass at his mesmerising best. All definitely worth a listen. To catch Crash in concert, check their concert listings here.

Tracks and info below taken from the Crash Soundcloud account.

  Shatter by CrashEnsemble
Crash Ensemble commissioned Australian composer Michael Smetanin to write them a piece to be premiered at the Canberra International Music Festival in 2008. The piece, “Shatter”, was hugely successful and broadcast on ABC radio. 
Streetwalker by CrashEnsemble
Composed by Donnacha Dennehy, performed by Crash Ensemble
  Music in Similar Motion by CrashEnsemble
Crash Ensemble's performance of Music in Similar Motion by Philip Glass

Community Skratch Tour 2010 video

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Really nicely produced video of the Galway-based crew doing their thing.
Full length Video of the Community Skratch Tour 2010. Featuring performances and extras from Oslo Flow, Jimmy Penguin, Deviant, Grandeurs Of Delusion, Unemployed Superheroes, Mikey Fingers and Tweek and more.. For more information go to

Worth checking out Crash Ensemble's updated Youtube channel. Above is an excerpt of them with Iarla Ó Lionáird performing Donnacha Dennehy's Grá agus Bás at the Samuel Beckett Theatre.

  Drift by JNangle

Interesting new piece by Jonathan Nangle (part of the recent Spatial Music Collective event in Severed Head I think), info taken from his Soundcloud page:
Drift (2009/2010) for 2 Electric Guitars and Live Sampling
Drift uses a tuning system as devised by the American minimalist composer La Monte Young for his magnum opus The Well Tuned Piano (1964 - ).
Each guitar is tuned differently within this system and uses only open string natural harmonics found at the 12th, 7th and 5th frets of the instrument. The guitars are sampled in real-time and spatialized across an 8-channel speaker array.

Kush this Thursday

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Mr Sunken Foal says that he "will be playing lots of rhythmic stuff i've been working on", which sounds promising and at €5 with Cignol, Platinum Ray and T-Woc playing also it's a steal.

UPDATE: This event has been cancelled.
Featuring visual work by Maura McDonnell and music by Linda Buckley this should be well worth checking out.

Printing House, Trinity College, Dublin
Thurs Nov 11th, Fri Nov 12th
Time: 12:00-16:00
Silk Chroma is an installation that employs a technoscience approach to both colour and timbre experience to create a visual music and electroacoustic composition installation piece using a surround sound presentation.
It is inspired by the novella "Silk" by Allesandro Baricco. The technoscience approach to the perceptual aspect of colour and timbre is an innovative, non-standard approach to perceptual phenomena which permits a systematic handling of aesthetic issues; issues which are normally excluded from more scientific/technological considerations.
This event is taking place in the Printing House on the main college campus.
Info from

New music: WHOK + Boys of Summer

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  Boys of Summer - Lunar Miasma split CDr by munitionsfamily
New split CDr on Insult recordings of Boys of Summer && Lunar Miasma! 1 BOS track, 2 LM tracks....Greece meets Ireland in the synthesized race to be thrown out of the Euro! Buy em now before the IMF / EUSF takes em all to pay the crooked billionaire russian bondholders. Smash the Banks!! Smash Angela Merkel! (saucy!)
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  Whirling Hall of Knives - Worm Sign Grind (extract) by munitionsfamily
3rd release from Irish duo of former raver and Trensmat / Nute Records main man Magnetize and former goth The Last Sound! noise? drone? synth? who knows! Tin whistles, grizzled synths, guitar,'s all in there somewhere.
Buy buy buy
  Silence is Golden Ductape is Silver by Chrome-Metronome

Dark claustrophobic banger from Rory St John. Popped up in a Swarm Intelligence mix a while back.

Psychedelic breaks and luscious sampling from Nouveau Noise on this free EP. Download it here.

Will definitely be heading along to this, really exciting line-up of Irish composers doing works for surround sound. It's on in Severed Head, a new gallery space on Mount St., where Ed will be doing his Stop/Run installation/show.

The Spatial Music Collective 8.6
Date: 13 November
Time: 7.30 - 11.30pm
Price: €5

Independents Days

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Independents' Day is on this Sunday featuring a performance by Niamh de Barra and work by Barry Quinn, amongst lots of other things.
Info from Barry Quinn:
12-5pm 7 November 2010
at: Dublin Food Co-op, 12 Newmarket, Dublin 8.

Independents' Day is an annual event, now in its third year, bringing together independent record labels, zines, comics, artists, writers and musicians to showcase Do-It-Yourself (DIY) culture.

Along with stalls where producers will be selling their wares, there will be an exhibition of independently spirited artists and photographers; screenings and a presentation by Dublin Community Television (DCTV), a workshop in stop motion animation and screenings of short films.
During the day performances taking place include: trad-folk punkers Lynched, electro-acoustic songstress Niamh de Barra, hairy trad by Moses Moorhous and to close down proceedings grungy rock n'rollers Sea Dog!

Independents' Day is a non-profit event its' sole aim to showcase independent/ D.I.Y. culture in the current day. There is a modest entrance fee of €2 towards expenses.
More details at the Independents' Day Blog.

  On His Shoulders by colin.j.morris

A track written for The Book Club based on The Old Man And The Sea. Beautifully lyrical and evocative stuff, with carefully treated chamber instruments sitting perfectly alongside electronic hisses and reverberating booms.

More music at and We also highly recommend following his Twitterings at if you're into that sort of thing.

Lakker lads are fairly on fire these days, this is track 3 in their quality free web series. This track brings bass pressure and loping beats with typical Lakker flair.

Info, videos and more free tracks at
Jigs n rigs live set by Ronan Dunne

Info from
The live set almost identical to what i played at jigs and rigs festival on Rathlin island but it's a live set recorded at home because there was no recording of the gig itself that night. I'll have more of my own tracks up as soon as I get 'm down.
The mix is a pretty hard edge, out the window type thing done with 2decks, a mixer and some records, I'll be putting more up as I go.
They're all played live and unedited so it will be representative of a live performance, I sacrificing some editing type detail for what I can play.

A new track by Swarm Intelligence called "Phases" has just been released on Transporta. It features on a 2-part, free EP, which also includes tracks by Dialect, Pluge, CYP, Wetrix, Tomohiko Sagae and Doryk. Those into dark, heavy, industrial techno should find something to love here.

Download it here.