Second Square To None

New mix of wonky dubstep and industrial beats, featuring the likes of Jamie Vexd, Clark, Four Tet/Burial & Various Production, available for download here.
Just a quick note to say that plans are afoot for Second Square To None. We are currently looking into new venues for future events, with the intention of having an event before the end of June. This will be preceeded by a relaunch of the blog, which will then be updated weekly with some of the great performances that we've recorded from previous events.

In the meantime, if anybody is up in Belfast on 29 May check out the A4 Sound event featuring Second Square To None's Ed Devane and Kachanski, aswell as other Second Square To None favourites: Ronan Dunne, Rory St John, Scurvy Lass and Jimmy the Hideous Penguin.