Second Square To None

Very happy to present the new album from A Shadow. Following on from the Ebb and Flow EP released earlier this year, A Shadow's debut album 'When all is said and done, what is left to say and do' delivers hauntingly serene sonic landscapes that envelop and transport. The electronically processed textures of guitars and other chamber instruments combine with glacial melodies to create a sense both of human pathos and machine-crafted elegance.

A Shadow:
From an early age Keith experimented with recording,using cheap tape recorders to capture songs and instrumental music with his acoustic guitar.
Keith progressed to incorporate all manner of stringed and percussion instruments coupled with any guitar pedals or sound processing gear he could manage to get his hands on. After studying composition for a number of years he began combining this broader instrumental palette with more advanced recording and sound manipulation techniques and more developed and unique compositional voice.
The sound world he creates is founded on the combination of minimal instrumental material and dense processed textural layers in slow moving progressions. The influence of the music of artists such as Fennesz, Colleen, Fabio Orsi and Tim Hecker can be felt in A Shadow’s music.

A Shadow - The Sun Sets Over Rusted Warehouses from Kevin O'Brien on Vimeo.

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